Obdachlose, a german word that literally describes people without a shelter. Homeless. In Berlin, the capital of the richest Europe country, with a very advanced welfare, there are more than 10.000 people living in this way. 860.000 in all the country. Often they are assaulted by nazi brigades. Last July, 2018, two of them were… Read More

Berlin boudoir

I started this work in my studio in Berlin in 2016 and I finished it in 2018. It is a revisited french boudoir in a more berliner way, a bit vintage, sometime kitsch.


Sometime overall keep our body inside and we cannot know it. Coming out is like a rebirth. Venezia, Milano, Verona-Italy. Berlin-Germany 2013-2017

Body discomfort

Body could be out of the comfort zone. There is not always a perfect line between comfort and disease. Ongoing work started in Italy in 2013

A(b)no(r)mal portraits

What is normal and what is not. Where is the border among abnormal and anomalous? What is the achievement  of portraiture? Ongoing studio work, mostly done in my studio in Berlin

Double exposures

Yin and Yang, Apollo and Dionysus, Dr.Jekill and Mr.Hide. double exposure on the same photogram, an old technique since the analog. Ongoing studio work